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How to Change the Batteries in your door safety system:

We only recommend you use new EEMB lithium batteries to replace those in your system.

Other Lithium batteries will work but will only last a fraction of the time of the EEMB battery before they too need replacing

Your garage door has two 3.6volt Lithium batteries encased in the small black transmitter which is located on the bottom of the roller door. There are either 2 or 6 screws holding on the black cover that need to be removed to replace the batteries. Once removed, simply swap the batteries for new and replace the cover
There is no  need to do anything else.

Replacing Batteries – instructions

Programming a NEW Transmitter:
Using an existing transmitter it is a simple process using this transmitter to code in another.
You should be within 3 mtrs of the garage door controller when you try this>

Programming 1 Transmitter From 1 Already Programmed

Programming a Transmitter – 2 Channel