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  • 12 Duracell AA POWER PLUS Batteries
  • 12 Duracell AA POWER PLUS Batteries

    £11.70 £7.50

    3 x packs of 4 AA Duracell power plus batteries.


    Duracell Plus AA batteries have 30% more power than original Duracell batteries, but still have the name customer’s trust. AA batteries are the standard size and work in many devices including game controllers, MP3 players, remotes, clocks, and toys. Low temperature performance and high quality mean these batteries will power devices for longer without producing heat. They are guaranteed to last longer in devices and have a longer storage life than original Duracell batteries. Duracell has become a brand that customers trust. Their commitment to high quality, long lasting batteries makes them the premier choice for batteries and Duracell’s Plus batteries are no exception.


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