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  • C2032 Batteries 2 Pack
  • C2032 Batteries 2 Pack


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    The CR2032 coin cell battery possesses high energy density and has ability to perform consistently in extreme temperatures (ranging from 85C to -30C) environments compared to other batteries. It uses manganese dioxide lithium chemistry with a voltage of 3 volts and 225 mAh typical in capacity. It has a height of 3.2 mm and a diameter of 20 mm. This battery also discharges evenly, and has excellent leakage resistance characteristics CR2032 batteries have the proven ability to provide a stable supply of power for a long period of time, much longer than a regular dry battery. The battery’s remarkable synthesis of high power, temperature resistant and energy supply reliability makes the 2032 battery an excellent choice for dependable performance and longer life for your devices.


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